This is it. This will be home for the next four years.

The trees are slowly fading to shades of brown, yellow, orange, and red. Bricks line the streets and sidewalks marked with the stamp, ‘Athens’ on the top. The white pillars in front of the brick buildings give them a colonial feel. The smell of fresh cut green grass as you walk around. You begin to feel comfortable in your surroundings even though this is your first time being here.

When you find that dream school, you’ll know. You begin to envision yourself walking to classes, socializing with friends, and studying in the coffee shops Uptown. You can’t wait to schedule for classes and begin learning about the career you’ve chosen for the rest of your life. There’s a burning desire to begin scheduling for classes, finding out where you want to live, and viewing every nook and cranny of campus finding the perfect study spot.

A couple months pass and you receive a letter in the mail — but you never get mail so you’re confused — you look in the corner and realize it’s from your dream school. You had applied the night you got home from your visit a couple months ago and have eagerly been waiting ever since. Sliding your finger along the tightly sealed white envelope, you open the letter. Pulling out the contents you see the heading and read your name. You’re so overwhelmed with the emotions you have as you scan through the first paragraph. And then, there it is; ‘Congratulations!’

Tears being to well up inside of you as you read the rest of your acceptance letter to your dream school. This is what you had been hoping and praying for all along, to become an Ohio University student.