The New Age Relationship

He makes it seem like he’s interested, that you’re all he thinks about. He says all the right things at the right time and somehow still gets his way.

Some girls are just too nice to say no; that she wants to go on a real date instead of watching Netflix in silence. She drops hints to find out how he really feels about her and what he sees for his future, but he never mentions her in it.

He’s good at the game. Probably because he’s played it before. Keeping you around by showing just enough interest to make it seem like the relationship is going somewhere. The thrill of the chase for him keeps you around; thinking someday he’ll change his mind and fess up to his true feelings.

Times have changed and along with that has come the change of relationships. Mostly to do with the fact that you can get away with texting the person instead of meeting face to face to actually talk to one another. Then, once you do hang out, you watch television. You don’t converse with one another, and that’s the sad part.

People think they constantly have to be entertained with something in this day and age. Once you find the perfect one, you can sit in silence an not even care, because you’re with them. That’s all that matters in the world.

The way they look at you will say it all. The way they talk about you to their friends. The way they talk to you, telling you everything about their life, completely in trust of your secrecy. The way every part of yourself wants to be with that person 24/7, sharing every minute of everyday and experience together. The way they kiss you; the feeling of that spark moving through every inch of your body when your lips touch.

We don’t take the time to get to know one another anymore; to know where they’ve been, where they want to go, and who they want to be. What they’re greatest fears are, what makes them laugh, and what their favorite food is. The more you talk to a person the more you realize how each individual person has their own story and their own life lessons. It can be beautiful, correction: they can be beautiful.

But we don’t take the time to get to know one another. Instead, we sit on the couch and watch Netflix in silence. We drag each other along because we’re too afraid to talk and admit our feelings for one another.

The key to a great relationship is communication, trust, and patience. But if you’re too afraid to tell one another how you feel then what are you doing? You’re wasting your time with someone who only cares about what they want and not about how you feel.

Lesson being: Get out and talk to people. Get to know their stories. Talk to one another and find the one who you’re meant to be with. Find your soulmate.

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