Decolonize Your Dinner Plate

My passion as a college undergraduate was the functions of food production and food systems. Initially before declaring my major I was really afflicted by the reality of food deserts: neighbors that experience an over abundance of fast food restaurants and corner stores with the closest grocery store often being a drive away. I wanted to find resources and information on how to make healthy, quality food accessible for under-served communities like the one I had grown up in, in the suburbs of southern California. Even today as a college graduate working in a food systems environment this is a question I would still like to answer for myself.

One resource that I found really influential at the time was a Facebook page/ blog page by East Bay professors: Decolonize your Diet. I found this resource in 2012–2013 when it was just a facebook page in which las profesoras updated the page with traditional Mexican recipes and information on their medicinal purpose. For me as a first generation Chicanx/Latinx this was a powerful resource because the development of diabetes within my immediate family really put my own health and eating practices into conscious. Especially as a seconf generation Latina, I can expect to develop health conditions at an earlier age than my parents.

Even though I had known of this resource I did not initiate with decolonizing my diet right away. Instead I began by relearning how to make simple foods and incorporating fruits, vegetables and substituted juices and soft drinks with tea. Most recently Decolonize your Diet became a recipe book. I now plan to dive into the book and try out some of the recipes since I am a place in my life in which I have the opportunity to experiment with my own cooking and meal preparation. I intend to start a series in which I prepare the DYD recipes and give insight on the preparation.

book by: Luz Calvo and Catriona R. Esquibel

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