Walking Stick Cremation Scattering Urn For Ashes

Tolad is a new company that just started in Holland. They have an amazing idea: it’s a walking stick that scatters cremation ashes. Each time you use the stick you can press down and the bottom of the staff released ashes.

This week I interviewed Wout Brink on Always Memorial: Tolad Walking Stick Scattering Urn

The Tolad means Toten of Life and Death. The process of scattering the remains as you walk is a sacred one and one that brings great meaning to the process of saying goodbye and also the land you are scattering the remains. In addition to the high quality walking staff that Tolad has designed, they offer an application, which allows the family to mark where the remains are scattering. There is a big of an augmented reality side to this where you can see where you scattered the remains, it’s very cool!

Wout is a young designer and business man that flew all the way from Holland to Nashville, Tennessee. We had a salad and pizza and talked about his new scattering urn. I truly love the design and it actually looks like a piece of art when it hangs on the stand or fastened to the wall. The high quality aluminium staff is slender and tall and is hard to get rid of after it’s been used to scatter a family members ashes. So I applaud Wout and the team at Tolad for focusing on a clean design that will allow a family to keep the staff for a long time.

There is truly and awesome product and they are looking to expand to other markets in addition to the EU. They currently have a kickstarter which they are trying to raise a little extra capital for their project. This can be seen here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tolad/the-tolad-one-a-new-way-of-scattering-cremation-as

I encourage you to contribute if you can and if you can’t please visit their website at http://tolad.net/

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Tolad Walking Stick with Wout Brink