Where to Purchase Equipment for Property Maintenance

Charles Liles
Mar 7, 2018 · 2 min read

Power Equipment is the term to describe machines and tools used in land clearing, landscaping, gardening, and lawn maintenance. Professional-grade riding lawn mowers, mini excavators, augers, tree trimming tools, tillers, and weed whackers are some examples. Most property owners think power tools from the department and home improvement stores are the same quality as the ones available at equipment dealers. That is not the case.

Difference in Quality

The brand name machines and tools with low price points are of lesser quality than those manufactured for equipment dealerships. It is not any type of misleading marketing, it provides homeowners the opportunity to purchase machines that are more reliable than cheap brands. A homeowner with a small yard does not need the same power and size required to mow and trim the grounds of a large hotel. He will need a mower that will not fall apart after two seasons.

Compare the sizes, power levels, and capacities of the department store models. Most have minimal attachments, if any, small fuel tanks, and are fairly lightweight. They are perfect to successfully meet maintenance and gardening purposes for in-town residential settings. Now visit Plano Power Equipment and check out the same features (power, capacity, available attachments) in the models offered by the same top brand names.

A Few More Differences

Getting equipment from a dealer has advantages. The first is parts and services for the purchased equipment. If the dealer does not have a parts department or a service center, find another dealer. Factory-trained and certified technicians can repair equipment, sharpen tools and blades, and provide preventative maintenance that will prolong the life of the product. Who will repair the department store model?

Another advantage is selection. A small lawn and garden department tucked in a corner of the parking lot will not include options from Toro, Honda, Billy Goat, Tru-Cut, Mantis, and Kawasaki, among other top brands. There is more likely to be one or two brand options.


Financing programs from manufacturers and lenders that work with dealers make getting high-quality equipment easy to budget. Landscaping professionals, lawn maintenance business owners, property management companies, and homeowners with big lawns or several acres can find links to financing applications for different brands and lenders on dealer websites. Go to www.planopower.com/product-category/honda/ to learn how that process works.

If the yard is small, level, or does not have many trees or shrubbery to take care of, a home improvement store model of equipment will be adequate for care and maintenance. For larger and complex property needs that require power, stability, and durability, a dealer is the place to go.