Redesigning the ATL History Center Virtual Experience

Objective: Entice Senior Retirees to travel here during their weekend RV trip to Atlanta

Design Process

Brainstorming to Decompose Our Problem

During our early session as a team, the first thing we wanted to establish as a group was elements that had negatively affected our user group on the website. The things that we had realized were very evident from the website were a clear lack of visible text, unclear directions in traveling to the History Museum, and shortcuts that may not be easily inferred by a demographic largely unfamiliar with the internet.

Mood Board For Our Designs

Creating Paper Prototypes for our Design

To consolidate our ideas and allow our thoughts to turn into something tangible before etching the final prototype, we saw fit to create paper prototypes of the entire flow explicitly. We each took the responsibility of a single page, and we placed no restrictions on each other as we believed, that was the best way to get the most creative output amongst us.

Paper Prototype of Home Page
Paper Prototype for Tickets Page
Paper Prototype: Program and Events Page
Paper Prototype: Come Visit Page

Creating the Final Prototype

Similar to our paper prototyping, we decided to divide up the pages in the same order. We created a joint Figma workspace to create our design. I was once again tasked with designing the Program and Events page.

State when Public Programs Filter is switched on
State with Public Programs Filter Off
Calendar Shortcut for Programs and Events
Full Calendar Feature

To Put it All Together

Home Page

Menu Bar

Explore (Visit) Page

Tickets Page

Calendar (Programs and Events) Page

Demo Day

After completing our prototype, and connecting all the different pages together, we presented our working prototype to our class. We each talked about our design considerations and then asked the class to guess our target group. The class managed to guess the correct age demographic, as they believed it was for old people. I believe our careful consideration in making the interface complication-free and ensuring that the text and buttons throughout the page were large had paid off, given by the feedback we received from the classroom.



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