Would love a write up on how to get started (with ClojureScript.)
Emil Ahlbäck

Hey. Thank you for your response.

Actually, there is no much difference between Clojure and ClojureScript, and for that reason it is possible (and I also recommend it) to write simple Clojure code, and start including ClojureScript code to your project after some practice.

My recommendations:

  1. There is a nice official ClojureScript Quick Start guide;
  2. Clojure for the brave and true (awesome book with lots of interesting examples; don’t forget that almost everything from this book may also be written in ClojureScript);
  3. Clojure Koans and ClojureScript Koans (packs of exercises).

If you don’t like Emacs, you can use Cursive (it is much simplier for newbies, and it allows you to use all IntelliJ features like “Jump to” or “Find usages”). If you’re not a big fan of IDEs, you can, of course, use Atom or Sublime or LightTable or whatever.

One more thing: join Clojurians Slack. It is one of the biggest sources of information, and community support would probably make you education much more interesting.

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