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The Freedom of Choice

The e-Resident Digi-ID You applied for is ready and it will be issued to You at Police and Border Guard Board service point, address P.Pinna 4, 13615 Tallinn.

This is what I received today, and, despite it was expected, the fact of becoming e-resident of Estonia made my happy for a little while.

If you know nothing about it, let me explain: Estonia launched “e-Residency” program on 1 December 2014, and, in short words, it is a governmental startup that allows non-Estonians to access Estonian e-services like company formation, banking and payment processing. Estonia…

In this release, we’ve added a Testnet version of Matúš Lešťan’s Ethlance, Dentacoin and our own CommitETH, a tool designed to foster open source software development. We’ve also fixed some bugs and begun the creation of awesome development tools for developers who want to run their DApps in Status.

Ethlance running on Status

Developer Tools

We’re aiming to create a ‘plug and play’ experience for DApp development that can be used on its own, or plugs straight into existing tools such as Truffle & Embark with our Truffle Box and Embark Plugin.

Before you get started on building your DApp, you will need Status 0.9.4 and…

I’ve been using React Native for 6 months, and it seems like the time to make some conclusions has come. But small warning comes first: I’ve been using React Native mostly in combination with ClojureScript (which is so cool and sexy), Reagent and re-natal, that’s why if you use JavaScript (and Flux and Redux and whatever) the experience may be different.

In addition, I have no experience in native iOS development, but I spent my best years creating Android apps. That’s why this post will be more like a comparison of React Native development and Java Android development.

Before reading…

Comment for my previous post

Some people ask me “Why do you hate JavaScript?”. Actually, I don’t hate it. JS is extremely powerful, but when I have an ability to choose between JavaScript and ClojureScript, I will definitely choose the last one, because I like the way Clojure code looks like and I can’t stop crying of happiness while writing Clojure/CLJS code.

But sometimes I need to write code on JavaScript. Today I am going to tell you about these kinds of situations, and the day I understood that JS is much powerful than it seems to be.


There is a strange React Native problem…

I am the person who thinks that it is almost impossible to create well-polished, nice-looking and attractive cross-platform mobile applications. I’ve seen Phone Gap- and Xamarin-based apps, but I’ve cried till the end of the day after that.

It sounds incredibly cool — if you’re a manager, you don’t need to hire two developers (for iOS and Android); and if you’re a developer, you don’t need to learn two languages (Java and Objective C). This is what advertisement says. But the reality is not always brighty and shiny — all these cross-platform development techniques guarantee you rapid development, but the…

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React Native, JS, Clojure, ClojureScript, Scala, whatever. (in Russian).

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