It was a marvelous summer day. We were sitting in front of each other. She was laughing at something while the sun was gently kissing her wonderful red hair. She was fantastic, as always. I was surprised and enormously happy at the same time. Why surprised? I haven’t seen her for 2 years now and last time we talked she was quite cold but now here we are, riding somewhere like if nothing happened at all. I missed her all these years. She kept visiting me in my dreams from time to time but now she was right here! I reached out to hug her, overwhelmed with emotions when suddenly loud repeating noise filled the world around me. As if this was not strange enough, my vision started to fade. I made a desperate attempt to stay conscious but the noise hit me again shortly rendering me unconscious.

I was lying in dead silence. Very familiar feeling of desperation and sadness tickled somewhere around my heart.

The alarm clock went off again.

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