What is the Metaverse and how to access it? Updated: March 2022

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Gary Vaynerchuck Interview with Mark Zuckerberg on the Metaverse

So, there’s more than one metaverse?

  • Spatial is the oven-ready metaverse. It’s very simple but functional. You can create simple worlds like art galleries by using their templates. The best thing about Spatial is that you can access it from your internet browser, VR headset, or mobile phone.
  • VRChat is a very popular metaverse. However, as its name says, is mainly used as a chat. Their community is one of the biggest, and they are mainly younger people focused on memes, and making friends.
  • Decentraland ($MANA) is basically a virtual chat to buy very expensive NFTs. Is in a very early stage, cartoonish, and its mechanics and design are very uncomfortable.
  • The Sandbox ($SAND)offers a gamified experience very similar to Roblox. Is basically a game where you can buy expensive NFTs but in a fun way. Similar to Decentraland, social interactions are very low.
  • Second Life ($L [Closed-loop Token]) has been identified as the father of today’s metaverse. It has been active since 2003. Second Life is a very complete, very mature metaverse experience where imagination is the limit. Its community is mainly adult.
  • NeosVR ($NCR) is the king of the metaverse. The one I personally prefer since its creators are more focused on better the user experience, and the technology behind it rather than making pompous marketing campaigns to make money. Neos offers an immersive metaverse experience via VR, and is compatible with many sensors like full-body, and face tracking. Is very social, and business-oriented. Their community is big and is formed mainly of professional adults. Neos is the best place to build virtual properties, and make business.
Summary of the history of the metaverse. Tizzers Foxchase, YouTube

The future of the metaverse

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NFT Art • Spirituality • Metaverse Citizen • School of Fine Arts and Design of Puerto Rico

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NFT Art • Spirituality • Metaverse Citizen • School of Fine Arts and Design of Puerto Rico

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