Amazon is a country, Jeff Bezos is its tyrant and we are the useful idiots
Adam Townsend

Adam, this is a very interesting and thought provoking piece. Very nicely done and written. I am a bit surprised that there are only 5 likes so far. Wonder if Amazon, and by its proxy a few three letter acronyms government agencies are censoring your write ups already.

I believe in the quote below you meant to say 3.512 Billion, not million.

3,512 million but paid only $152 million in taxes for an effective tax rate of 4.33%,

In my view most of the profit comes from AWS. That profit is very skillfully re-invested into special projects that are driving competition out of the business, one by one, or through an acquisition. The leadership team seems to take a very aggressive approach with a focus on an invite vertical. It started with books… I believe the future of a human race as we know it is at play here. As long as we as humans can retain the emotional decision making we have had since the dawn of our civilization, we will find a way to govern and control bots Amazon and everyone else is creating for the benefit of the automation. If and maybe when we lose that decision making power, we will have to adopt and emerge into a Borg society. Resistance is futile… or is it? I’m an optimist, and I firmly believe that WE will prevail. Happy 4th of July, the Independence Day of still the most freedom loving and opened with amazing opportunities country in the world!

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