Critical privacy vulnerability — getting exposed by MetaMask


The basics

Fig. 1 — NFT Basics

What if?

Fig. 2 — Leaking of IP address
Fig. 3 — Minting an NFT item on
Fig. 4 — OpenSea NFT details
Fig. 5— Creating an ERC-1155 contract
Fig. 6— Setting the smart contract address
Fig. 7— Fetching the NFT's remote image URL
Fig. 8— Smart contract interaction history
Fig. 9— Set URI function signature
Fig. 10 — Adding setURI function
Fig. 11 — Generating public url for local server
Fig. 12 — Updating NFT's remote image URL
Fig. 13 — Collectible detected in MetaMask Mobile app
Fig. 14 — Leaked IP address


Why is this important ?

Potential mitigation solutions


Responsible disclosure and motivation

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Alex Lupascu

Alex Lupascu

Co-founder @

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