Au revoir Viva Technology 2017! AI, future, networking and Women in AI with Cisco

This year’s Viva Tech’s 3 days Rendezvous for game changers was really at its best level.

World’s innovators, tech-lovers and pioneers of the future joined to create relationships, talk and connect to change business and society for tomorrow. With the recently created Station F, Paris and the french scene will certainly start to receive a lot more attention and function more as a hub for innovators, connectors, game changers.

I am thrilled to have joined and contributed as it’s in our mission, as pioneers of the future and innovators, to join forces and help shape tomorrow. We @CITY.AI try to join best innovators in their beautiful quest to solve unthinkable human problems through AI. Want to get involved? DM and let’s catch up. We do this through the many local Chapters spread across the globe in cities (23+) like Amsterdam, London, Sofia, Berlin, Budapest, New York, Bucharest, just to name a few. Having Eric Schmidt, Daniel Zhang, Sheryl Sandberg, France’s President Emmanuel Macron & Estonian Prime Minister Jüri Ratas, all in the same place, can but showcase the incredible mix, power and perfect blend of speakers lineup that have the power and can influence, together, our future.

12 AI centered startups from Viva Tech

I most certainly don’t have them all mentioned here (please, do add those that really made an impression on you & why, in the comments section below), but here’s some of them that caught my eye.

Snips — voice-enabled devices through AI that allow anyone to integrate customisable voice assistants into their products. #OpenSource #on-device #Private-by-Design 🗣

A.I. Mergence — specialized in AI and autonomous robotics, in a mission for the first smart robot dedicated to prevent, alert and protect households from intrusions, home-jacking and domestic incidents. ⚫

LiveMon — leveraging AI to proactively monitor real-time end-to-end IT services, including infrastructure, logs and real-users experiences. ❤

Hai — the next generation of AI to map individual taste and come with exceptionally good recommendations, through a universal recommendation engine that applies AI to a person’s set of tastes. ➹

Qemotion — SaaS AI based algorithm that analyses people’s emotions in customer’s feedback, through analytics focused on loyalty and churn reduction and predictions to detect and anticipate situations. ⚖

Cypheme — AI capable of counterfeit products detection by analyzing the packaging’s microstructure through only a cellphone camera. 📸

Instarlink — ML predicts a candidate’s soft skills from related data (ie. resume), solving the need of asking candidates to fill forms, pass tests prior to interviews to identify their soft skills. 👨 👩

Dcbrain — AI for network managers (gas, electricity, steam etc) running operational processes of a growing complexity, through a digital double useful to monitor, predict and simulate flow propagation. ☄

Valeo — AI vision for automotive applications. Recently launched, an open community network dedicated to the development of state-of-the-art automotive applications in artificial intelligence and deep learning. 🚈

Invenis — SaaS powered by Big Data & AI tech to enable Analysts & Business teams to get the most of their data. ↗️

Spine — aims to mesh state-of-the-art computer science and complementary human expertise strengths approaches, including ML, to analyze biomedical images and advance clinical neuroscience research. ➰

Glowee — biomimicry meets synthetic biology to rethink our way to produce, consume and light up, through a living lighting energy, coming directly from nature. ☸

VivaTech showcases 308 #ArtificialIntelligence startups. Have a look at the startups having the hashtag of Artificial Intelligence just by clicking Ctrl + F & #ArtificialIntelligence on Viva Tech’s Startups section or by simply selecting Artificial Intelligence in the Tech section.

Women in AI, supported by Cisco

I have been invited for a speaker slot during the Women in AI session at the @Cisco stage. I have been talking about how Artificial Intelligence looks beyond the hype and tried to visualize the artificial narrow intelligence examples with specific use case that best speak for themselves. To put a reality to all the science fiction around us and to try to put the light on accepting why AI is really here: to solve unthinkable human problems and to help us make our environment and life better. I hope the many applied AI cases have shed the proper light on how we can move the ball forward and if any of the bold predictions for AI can be considered or not. Further check my deck presented.

Women in AI is such a fantastic initiative and Moojan Asghari’s effort is absolutely stunning. AI is indeed for all and understanding the implications of gender for AI is such a serious matter.

Viva Tech 2017, done. 2018, anyone?

Important! If you haven’t already, connect with the other attendees that you failed to meet and with those that you met and have things in common.

And my best advice, besides scaling your businesses or/and startups, consider scaling yourselves too. Take a bit of time to attend such events that really contribute to a boost in shifting the way we think about something and may serve as catalyst for change.