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Companies and institutions, whether they are for-profit or non-profit, are expanding. Not only are there more multi-national corporations today than 20 years ago, their staff and employee bases are growing as well. Apple and now Amazon have become the first trillion-dollar companies. With this type of expansion comes the need to train and develop their workforce. Though much of their growth is due to the growth in technology, these same technological innovations can be applied to training them. The concern now becomes the ability to train thousands of workers across countries and continents.

Technology allows you to reach them, but generating the training results that are needed is a different question. To be as effective with thousands of employees as you may have been with just a few hundred is still achievable, but it may need to be conducted asynchronously. Therefore, your ability to keep your audience engaged, interested, and learning becomes that much more important. …


Alex Shortsleeve

LMS Administrator & Analyst. Entrepreneurial approach to learning and managing with an emphasis on using technology as an innovative and enhancing tool.

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