Men are more problem solvers than women. Women are more emotion seekers than men.

If you’ve ever tried talking to a woman about a problem that you felt had to be fixed, and she wanted to just “be happy” and “enjoy” specially in a romantic relationship, that’s because she’s a feminine energy. Solving problems takes uncomfortableness, we know that, and men feel alive when solving a problem, women don’t. They don’t want to go through the uncomfortable shit, because it makes them feel dead, so they rather escape, they rather “forget” about it, they rather distract themselves. They hate solving problems to the point of seeing the solving of a problem, as a problem itself.

When they say something should change, what they’re really saying is they want the emotion they’re feeling to change, not necessarily the situation.

So my male friends, let’s take a break. We know how fucking exhausting it is to try to help a woman with something or to try to improve something in a relationship that we know by improving it, would make everything better. So stop involving the woman so much. You do your thing, be a secret service improver kind of man. Solve problems with other men or by yourself. And whenever a woman complains or goes into negative emotions about something, and you know it could actually be solved, don’t go into another rant telling her about it. Pretend you’re talking to a 5 year old girl. Just listen, know that in her world, in her reality, what she’s saying is true and that it has little to with you, agree as much as you genuinely can, and let go of that, because by the time you’re into the solving of it, her emotions will probably have been naturally changed and she won’t understand why you’re so fucking busy trying to solve with her the thing she was complaining about.

Alx Zander Sanchez

Instagram: @alxcoach

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