Although shitty, it’s a natural instinct of the female energy to react against, judge and mentally and emotionally punch weakness in a man (a man that is disconnected from his power / masculine energy). This small or big attacks in form of sarcasm, criticism, etcetera, are done as an unconscious test, out of anger and frustration because of your weakness. Out of the need to feel safe and protected. As a man, attacking back or explaining too much with logic, is seen too as more weakness of your part, so the cycle continues. What you must do, is center yourself. Take nothing she says or does in a personal way, but as #1, a reflection of the weaknesses you’ve shown, and #2, as a training the universe personally sends you for you to become the best, strongest, most peaceful, relaxed and resilient man you can be. If you can stay and feel calm and detached under attack in a romantic relationship that you value, you can do just about anything. It’s hard, fucking hard, I know. It’s natural for your brain to also accumulate tension, angriness and for you to not feel good enough every time the woman beside you is cold, closed up or reactive. But it’s worth it. And it’s never too late to start. To start being the awesome, powerful, fulfilled man that you are. Even if it’s the last day of your relationship or if this one has ended. Life always gives you another chance to be caring but not reactive or needy, strong but cool, compassionate but free.

Listen, be present, find the lessons and value in what she’s transmitting verbally, physically and energetically. Connect to who you are, your strong masculine energy, and the deep truths you know about yourself, women’s psychology, and life. See everything (no matter how much your brain or my brain hates it) as something the universe is sending you on purpose. Don’t talk too much, don’t explain too much, don’t judge her back, don’t compare your actions to hers. Don’t worry about what was first, if the chicken or the egg in your relationship. She’ll perceive all these things as weaknesses and will continue to lose respect and attraction towards you.

The more we practice not falling into the trap that so many of us have fallen to multiple times, the more we do what I’ve shared here, the more she’ll calm down and become the feminine lovely, playful, passionate, flowing, relaxed girl and woman she really wants to be. And the more you’ll be in power and free to choose to not be with her anymore if she continues to actively or passively disrespect and attack for more time than acceptable.