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I was an avid Eatsa fan until today. When I walked up to order my bowl, I was completely thrown off by the new menu and the bowl that I wanted to order (the Falafel bowl) was no where to be seen in my list of choices (I even went to “traditional bowls” and couldn’t find it). Instead I was given SALAD choices not realizing that none of them had quinoa in them. I went for one that seemed tasty, mostly because I couldn’t figure out how to see any of the other bowls and felt pressured to make a decision. Then the price came, and it was $14.99 for a salad half the size of any salad in the area with no protein and no quinoa in it. Is that a joke? I felt completely ripped off — I just paid $15 for maybe a cup of spinach, 6 tiny balls of cheese, a tablespoon of vegetables and two dressings (is that where the extra $$ came from?!!?). Also, for an experience that is supposed to be “personalized” how can you not figure out how to show me the bowl I have literally ordered the last 5 times I’ve been to Eatsa? And after eating my spinach and mozzarella bowl, while decent, was so small that I am still starving afterwards. And I paid more than most massive, already overpriced Mixt salads.

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