Informational Interview

I gave a call to my friend who’s working in State Life Insurance Corporation of Pakistan since 2 years. First I confirmed if he’s available for an informational interview and when he showed his willingness then I asked following questions:
 Q.1. What is your current position in the company?

A. I’m working as Sales Officer

Q.2. What do you see the future of Insurance industry in Pakistan?

A. As people’s trend is increasing towards insurance and this sector is growing rapidly. Its future is very bright.

Q.3. What is the basic salary?

A. As I’m working in the marketing field so the salary totally depends on the percentage of the business I place to the organization. Higher percentage of business I’d place, higher commission I’ll get.

Q.4. Why the employee turnover ratio is high?

A. When employee can’t manage to bring the business, ultimately they can’t have commission so they become frustrated and leave.

Q.5. What would you prefer? Marketing or Operations?

A. If you want to get a higher position in short time and want to be successful then I’d prefer you the Marketing side.

Thank You for your precious time. It was nice talking to you. Take care Allah Hafiz.


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