Facebook is a Thing of the Past for GenZ Users

I created my Facebook account when I was only in 5th grade. My parents encouraged it because it meant that my grandparents could keep updated on the things I was doing and be able to talk to me more often. When middle school started I began to add friends and be a part of Facebook chats and get tagged in posts and pictures. It was my very first introduction to social media and ultimately shaped how I interacted with others on different platforms. For a while I was satisfied on Facebook.

Before long my friends using Facebook started tapering off once their parents got accounts. I wasn’t one of these kids because my parents always had Facebook and had monitored me but suddenly Facebook was a platform for moms and everyone my age had moved to Instagram and Twitter. Now I only use it to update photo albums and share videos of cute dogs or cool new gadgets set to be released.

The only people I see on my Facebook feed using Facebook for how it was originally intended are usually the adults that somehow got on my friend list either from being the parents of my friends or related to me somehow. Other than that small demographic, my feed is primarily how I personally use it, kids that get on maybe once a month, share something or post photos, and then barely touch their profile again. in 2014 alone 25% of 13- to 17-year-olds left Facebook and moved to social media platforms that parent’s aren’t on.

Facebook is old news for Generation Z, we aren’t interested in what Facebook has to offer because we can find it elsewhere. We’ve got our own photo album in the form of our Instagram accounts, statuses in Twitter and check-in’s in the form of Snapchat. The difference between Facebook and these platforms are the age they market to. Facebook has things called “memories” that sometimes pops up during my once in a blue moon visit. I’ve got TimeHop for that but the Facebook mom’s don’t. There are probably a million alternatives to Facebook that seem younger and hipper than that of actual Facebook, and it feels like GenZ users and younger Millennials are the only ones taking advantage of it.

Facebook needs to step up their game by offering something all these other platforms don’t. They need to find a balance between the parents of Generation Z kids and the GenZ kids themselves. Get their attention away from all the alternatives and make them want to use Facebook again.

So many people are using Facebook in ways to market their own business ventures. You’ve got posts about the makeup company that they work for and their new product, you have people posting about purses, jewelry and countless other accessories instead of posting about their vacation, family or most recent workout. Facebook is no longer something personal, it’s a place to put things that don’t fit anywhere else. The Z Generation prefer things that are meaningful or personal and aren’t motivated by money and because so many on Facebook are using it to advertise themselves GenZ has drifted away.

Generation Z is still in the mindset of using Facebook in the way it started, posting photos of events and updating friends and family on stuff happening in their life. They’ve taken a step back unlike users who have stayed with the platform since its mainstream success, and haven’t been influenced by user trends like they have been on Instagram or Twitter. In a way GenZ are the ones reminiscing about the “good ol’ days” instead of the older users.