Let it go already

It’s time for you to let go of the beliefs and fears that keep you from moving forward.

Sometimes you don’t even realize that you’re clinging to some belief that doesn’t serve you only because it was something you have believed all your life.

You believe you’re not good enough.

You believe you’ll never be successful.

You believe you’ll never make enough money.

And you’re scared. You’re scared to show up. Scared to blog. Scared to sell. Scared to do video. Scared to make a website. Scared to do something that you really want to do because it simply isn’t something you think you’ll be good at.

Scared to fail.

And you act as if life is a dress rehearsal or worse yet that your entire goal in this life is to safely arrive at your funeral.

What a joke.

Go out there. Act a fool. Do what they say you shouldn’t. Be who you want to be and get over the fear of failing.

You’ll fail.
You’ll learn. 
You’ll survive.

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