Yesterday was a great day! All the freshmen from my university played a game, which is called “Scavenger Hunt”.

At first we were divided into teams and our teachers have made it interestingly: they got out to us pieces of pictures and we had to find people from our team and make a whole picture all together.

On this photo you can see us:)

Then, we had to know each other much better. For this purpose our teachers have suggested to us to discuss unusual issues. The coolest was the question of the favourite character of “Game of Thrones”: all students have begun to discuss it and to argue about it. I think that these questions have pulled us together.

After that begun our Scavenger Hunt. We have received our sheet of paper with 25 tasks, which we had to make for an hour. Almost all the tasks were connected to selfies and finding rooms in the college building. Despite this it was exciting, because it’s not so easy for freshmen to find all these points in one hour! We searched for Computer lab, assembly hall, University’s drama club… But my favorite task was about Confucius Institute. We had to find it and to make a selfie with something really Chinese. But we were searching it for a long time and got tired. In a few minutes we met a student from Asia and just took selfie with him. I hope that we haven’t offended him the fact that have counted him as the Chinese.

We also have took a selfie with the statue of Dobrolyubov, but on this photo it’s hard to see him.

At the end our teachers rewarded the best team. Our team haven’t won but we had a lot of fun! And now I even can to “navigate” in my college:)

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