Sore throat and a runny nose? Sounds like a cold. Car won’t start cause you left your lights on? Sounds like a dead battery. If only design problems were that easy to diagnose!

Good design is not just about a beautiful user interface, but a delightful and intuitive user experience. When there are issues with your design, there are major issues with your digital business.

It’s simple enough to spot the symptoms of a design issue. You might see users bouncing as soon as they hit the first screen of your app. But is the onboarding issue just unclear copy…

Outsourcing is outdated. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the odd hard and fast design project as much as the next guy. You know, the ones you say yes to when you’ve had a few too many ‘networking drinks’ only to realise the deadline was yesterday and you drank the budget at the bar last night. But there comes a point when you just have to find the right client and settle down.

Are you picky when choosing a partner? So are we. So is any self-respecting designer. Relationships are a two way street and we can be demanding…

I mean, a designer can’t do ALL the work for you. For us to really nail some designs that blow the minds of that target audience of yours, we need to understand exactly what you do and why you do it. And nobody knows your business better than you do. What’s the problem your business solves? What are you trying to achieve with this design project? We need a brief that is more than one page. In fact, we need a brief that is more than just a document. …

Hydrawise, the innovative hybrid app to remotely water your garden. A much more complex project than you might think!

Hydrawise combines the irrigation hardware with bespoke software to help users maintain and schedule their watering system, saving them money and buckets of water (pardon the pun). But we aren’t talking a simple on and off switch. The application can manage complex timing scenarios, multiple locations and users (such as for irrigation contractor businesses), and can even react to locally collected weather data. While the features of Hydrawise were pretty new age, the user interface of the application had become a…

Keeping plants well watered, basically saving the world one garden at a time

Hydrawise combines hardware and software that allows users to schedule their watering system simply and remotely, saving money and reducing waste. They’ve dominated the market as the best WiFi irrigation system and they came to us for help giving their hybrid application a modern overhaul.

Project Summary

Daisylegs is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in murals and custom wall graphics, illustration and graphic design. They take a hands-on approach to deliver unique, creative and quality design solutions. Daisylegs approached us to create a portfolio website that would showcase their work and act as a digital journal of their journey’s and an insight into their process.

Project Summary

Every meal, every workout, every moment made for you. Diet and exercise plans made for post-natal mums. Back To My Body came to us to help them essentially finish off their product with us overlooking their researched and tested prototype for our advice and views and then to add user interface design to their product using all their personas and research/data they collected prior.



BTMB(Back To My Body) already designed a wireframe prototype that wasn’t working to their intentions and they received heavy feedback from users. Their user flows weren’t seamless, heavy route from their landing page to dashboard…

Project Summary

Beaver’s Tail is a small cafe with an idea to make fresh healthy lunches and deliver them to schools for a healthy alternative. They came to us for help in translating their idea into a digital platform, where parents can order lunches for their children anywhere, anytime. We designed and created their brand along with a web application where ordering lunches and processing payments were easily performed.



Beaver’s Tail didn’t have a platform where parents can order their child’s lunches. Also, they needed a brand where it could appeal, not only to the children, but to the parents as well…

Firstly, for all that haven't come across the wonders of a brand board, I'll introduce you. In a nutshell a brand board is an early stage glance of what a brand’s direction is heading towards. It contains around 6–10 boards of brand elements including the logotype, colours, typography, supporting Imagery and Illustrations/icons, how the logo works with supporting typeface, advertisements etc. It’s helpful to display to the client their brand's personality, spirit, value and attributes, that you cannot achieve by showing a black and white version of the logo. …

A guide to some of a favourite web design inspiration sites.

Inspiration is great, and having a bunch of websites to check out is a very useful tool to all web designers. Viewing other designer’s website can help you see what has been developed, and this allows you to interact with the website as a user would. This process can help to show an idea you have to your client or colleague. Inspiration is also a great way to spark new ideas and keep up to date with web advances and design trends.

We try to have a flick through…


We are a small Melbourne based design agency ✌️ serving up thoughtful, beautiful products that make users happy. 🏀

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