Daisylegs Case Study

Apr 12, 2017 · 4 min read

Project Summary

Daisylegs is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Melbourne, Australia. They specialise in murals and custom wall graphics, illustration and graphic design. They take a hands-on approach to deliver unique, creative and quality design solutions. Daisylegs approached us to create a portfolio website that would showcase their work and act as a digital journal of their journey’s and an insight into their process.

Substancia Mural in Argyle Street, Fitzroy, Victoria



Daisylegs wanted a portfolio site that would allow them to create case studies of their current and previous work. They also wanted the ability to share a picture they may have taken whilst traveling or a work progress shot of their talented murals for it to appear on their homepage as a feed similar to a blog style approach. The website had to be easy enough to manage for Maddison and Jamie, whilst on the move. Also we had a problem of showcasing their personality through their portfolio to solve.



We started conducting research of all their main competitors (mainly locally) and then further dug deeper in looking at comparative portfolio websites. We also looked at quirky websites and ways other websites conveyed their personality through their portfolio as Daisylegs have this unique personality/style that we wanted the world to see and get familiar with. Recognising their brand.


Once laying out all the pages and understanding the problems to solve and goals to execute, we started creating wireframes and working out where each feature should live and why. The difference of their portfolio was their homepage, working and looking similar to a blog, showing case studies, social media images, stories they found interesting and other websites they like. We decided to use a card design approach to show the most content as we possibly can with an infinite scroll feature.

We wanted to stick to our methodology of designing portfolio. Which is to keep it fairly simple and let the work take the stage and shine with subtle additions of your brand. This was to be done with using small illustrations created by Daisylegs and have them float on the page, not too distracting but enough to admire. So we only added this feature on their homepage and about page, not the case studies.


Designing the UI

With input from the Daisylegs boys we worked on using a style that was neutral in a sense to combine with their lively and vibrant imagery and we didn’t want the visual UI to clash. Introducing their brand elements of their double box border from their logo and maintaining their colour palette of black and white. The about page gave us more creative input. We decided to create a show and reveal card where the card has a category title and once the user hover overs the box, it reveals an image based on that title. For eg. the card could be titled Music and you hover the card and be presented with the album cover they are currently listening to. Everything was still kept in a simple manner without pushing too far.

Daisylegs UI Style
Daisylegs Case Study Examples
About Page


We decided to choose Wordpress as the CMS for a couple of reasons; one being it’s simple to use and educating the client on how to update and add content to their website. Two, being as it’s such a strong and widely known CMS platform there is no shortage of plug-ins/apps and customisation is easy to implement and update.


The Daisylegs website wasn’t our first dabble with Wordpress themes, but this has been one of the most fun portfolio we have been able to design and develop. The feed page had some difficulties in terms of creating a theme that would allow the imagery to be dominant but also allowed for Daisylegs’ unique branding to come through.

Daisylegs’ exposure has significantly increased since designing their website, site traffic and enquiries. They have a unique site that they can confidently share to new clients and it depicts their unique style and personality. They are also getting more press in local magazines/websites and having a better designed portfolio helps when potential clients want to know more about them and admire their talent.

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