Redesigning a WiFi irrigation system

Keeping plants well watered, basically saving the world one garden at a time

May 23 Β· 2 min read

Hydrawise combines hardware and software that allows users to schedule their watering system simply and remotely, saving money and reducing waste. They’ve dominated the market as the best WiFi irrigation system and they came to us for help giving their hybrid application a modern overhaul.

Contractor System

This project came with an abundance of user data compiled and maintained by the app, which gave us a great head start in discovering patterns and pinpointing objective areas to improve. However, it lacked depth and substance in knowing who the users of the product were. So there was our first task: knowing and understanding the user personas in detail. With a key emphasis on understanding the user, inside our Learn Phase, we got our head around the user personas (Contractors and Home Owners), business goals and user goals.

Other parts of our Learn Phase includes workshops, a thorough user experience audit, and then the aforementioned review of existing user data. The conclusion of the Learn Phase usually gives us around 3–5 main themes and areas that we focus on throughout the project. Under these areas, we can start to look at them in further detail and find the underlying problems, which help construct a stable platform in building and solving these identified key areas. All that magic begins in the next phase called the Define Phase.

Customer Zone Screen

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