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There’s no doubt that the crypto hype has been attracting ambitious new traders. But without some general knowledge, a solid strategy and a reputable crypto exchange in your back pocket, it’s easy to fall into the pattern of some common and panic-driven mistakes.

So here’s how to avoid them.

What kind of trader are you?

Determining how you trade (or want to trade) will allow you to understand your risks and how you’ll handle spikes and dips in the market.

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One of the fake Modigliani paintings on display in the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa in March 2017.

With the onset of blockchain’s incredible tech, we’re realizing a huge shift in which the internet can operate for us — in a completely decentralized manner where anyone can safely inspect the immutable provenance stored in the ledger itself.

Although there is much praise to be said about the blockchain, there is still a huge drawback that needs to be addressed and taken seriously — the authenticity of physical items when linked to the blockchain.

Provenance on the blockchain is a great step forward, but it’s not enough

There are gaps in the provenance paper trail that hurt both sides of the market — increasing the possibility of the item being forged.


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The latest trend has us spitting out SEO buzzwords to catch people’s attention, but it’s time to push for more.

The crowd is overdosed with shallow content and people are craving value.

Nothing’s wrong with popping out articles for the next buck, sprinkled with melodramatic SEO to make your clients happy.

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It turns out that some of my best life-changing ideas and feelings come on Sundays.

BACK IN PORTLAND 2013, Amelia and I worked together in a college-campus coffee shop, where coffee addicts got their fix and tried to get shit done.

On Sundays, we ran the place.

And we had a mission to make sure our time spent there was worth more than just the paycheck.

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THERE’S THIS OVERUSED Fight Club quote that you’ve probably heard, but here it is again anyway—

“The things you own end up owning you. It’s only after you lose everything that you’re free to do anything.” — Palahniuk.

But today we’re not here to talk about the materialistic aspects of minimalism— let’s go even deeper, where minimalism can play a role in decluttering the everyday workspace of your mind.

We’re all on the verge of mental short-circuiting.

We live in a constant frenzy as we balance between chaos and order, all the time, wondering why we’re so god damn tired…

Alysa Yamada

UX Writer and Copywriter based in Prague.

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