Novelists like C.S.
Elizabeth Cunningham

Kristians don’t exist: Catholics are Papist (Mt 23:9); Protestants are Paulian (Mt 15:24); breeders are neither (Mt 19:19; Lu 20:35; 2Co 11:2). The goal of the Gospels was to end the family and the world. The Buybull was so poorly written the savior couldn’t keep track of his own words or culture, so he sent himself to hell: Ps 14:1 > Mt 5:22 > Mt 23:17.

None of the Abrahamic gods knew about the believers here nor of America, Australia, Asia orientalis, or Antarctica as they all believed the earth was flat, heaven was a sea or lake where the stars swam above a bowl that held up the rain, hell was simply a grave or later a trash dump that’s no longer on fire (, and earth rode on another lake.

Theists believe in, condone, and promote evil:

Theists are 1000 times likelier to end up in prison:

Theists are unlearned and stupid:

Theists spread suffering, poverty, crime, and disease with their new morals that defy the social and sexual order:

Theists fake their talents:

Theists don’t own the afterlife:

Theists make up their religion (edited dead link 2018 Dec 10):

Theists deliberately mistranslate scripture (added 2018 Nov):

How gods cannot exist:

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