Hey Alysha!
Liz Chao

So hear you on the clarification — and your original post communicated this eloquently. There’s so many interesting things about language in the “resistance”/social justice movement. For example, allies using “ally” terminology to craft a persona and label for themselves that PoC have no control over and aren’t allowed to challenge. They’ll call themselves “woke allies” and back that up by using the other fluffy words you mentioned (social justice, equity, diversity, resist, etc.). I’m personally even uneasy with organized “anti-racist” groups using that terminology sometimes as well, even if it is well-intentioned. Basically… words can be power and white people will often hijack all the power if they can… when it should be PoC who are the only ones who have power with these words to determine who is and isn’t their “ally.” Along the same lines, I’m often skeptical of men who call themselves feminists, and (as you suggest) am generally much more convinced by their track record than the labels they use to describe themselves.

And yes, you are so right!!… My mom is all things badass.

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