Black power, this started during the 1950’s-1960’s civil rights movement. This “black power movement” meant that African Americans should ,unite, learn their heritage, define their own goals, lead their own organizations, and reject white racism. There is no doubt that African Americans have been through a struggle to be where they are today.

Yes being of the African American minority is at times intimidating, and we may feel inferior. But being an African American in the U.S. Is a privilege we have had formed one of the greatest cultural background of the new age. We have fought, cried, and celebrated. We now are in a time where we can be who we want to be. Thrive to our greatest potential. We no longer can be okay with settling to be every stereotype that other races have given us. Black men need to hold them selves accountable, pull up your pants. Get off the streets and be the men that your grandfather, and great grandfather and ancestors before them. Fought so hard for you to have a better life to ensure you had a future.

African American women you need to stop letting men disrespect you, forcing you to give up your life for something that it took both of y’all do to. Hold yourself accountable to be ladies. 72% of African American kids are raised in single parent households. Somewhere along the line we lost the pride of the accomplishments we have made where you wanted to prove others wrong and show that even being the minority we can be as great ,or even better then they are. NOT EVERYONE is out to get us. We are living in a society that is more accepting then generations before us it is not perfect we still have our issues. But we need to get our “black power” back and stop segregating ourselves and allow each other to accomplish great things.