Wingin It

Tuesday Oct 20

So today for the first time(for this class anyway) I did not go to class. I know I know it’s like a cardinal sin against the gods but my night was extremely long and my day was even longer. I knew I would not be able to focus so I took one for the team. It’s ok though because I actually like this class so missing it will definitely NOT become a habit!!!!!!!

Wednesday Oct 21 5:37–7:53pm

In other news I was able to read book 5 today which made me extremely proud because a small part of me felt fine with only reading the sparknotes on it. Thank god I read is all I can say. In the beginning of the book I felt bad for Odysseus. He was stuck on an island with a woman who was way more powerful than he was. He creid and longed for home which made me feel even more bad up until the part where Homer explains he started feeling this was because He got tired of Calypso. Wait whaaaa?????? Yes you read it right Odysseus started missing his home and family AFTER he was tired of fooling around with Calypso. Before this point he clearly was not pressed to go home and I can understand why. Odysseus seemed to have been going through hell and back after the Trojan War and landing on an island may have been a nice alternative. Calypso immediately fell in love with him and had no problem taking care of him, catering to his every need and loving him unconditionally. I wouldn’t want to leave either if someone promised me all those things AND followed through with it. Then at the same time Odysseus had to remember that he already had those things with Penelope. She held it down for him while he was in the war for a decade and stayed true to him even while he was trying to get home. Granted he may not have known what she was doing but I wouldn’t want to leave someone like that for some random person but you would probably have to be in love to understand.

DISCLAIMER: I have never been in love been in love but I believe this statement holds true.

I think the idea of never having Penelope offer unconditional love to Odysseus may have caused him to want to go home even more. Think of Calypso as Mcdonald’s and Penelope as Ruth Chris. No one ever really craves McDonald’s, it is just a convenient fast food place. It can easily tie you over until a next meal and you know it will always be there. Ruth Chris is different because Ruth Chris is not always available. However the experience you get from it is like no other. You don’t mind spending a little extra time or money at Ruth Chris because you know the quality is worth it.

So in terms of Odysseus wanting to go home, I think if all he had to do was click his heels 3 times e would have done it 20 times.


I feel Nausicaa is mix between Penelope and Calypso. She is revered like Penelope is because every one knows she stands out in a crowd. She is very beautiful like Calypso and seems to easily fall for Odysseus like Calypso did although Athena had her hand in it. Nausicaa is also a bit cunning with giving him specific instructions on how to enter the city without causing a scene. She is cautious of how the people of her city act and generally cares for Odysseus and his well being.

The Phaeacians seem like they can be heroic but nothing really shows that they are. Alcinous does come off as a good leader however. I say this because first and foremost he treats his family well. Homer depicts the realtionship between Alcinous and his daughter as healthy.

Thursday Oct. 22 2:10–3:30pm

Today Prof. Sandridge was on a roll with talking about life. It started out with his rant on the movie 42 and why it’s acceptable for them to consistenly say the “n” word in a PG-13 movie but making a F-bomb twice constitutes for an R rating. It sounds pretty ridiculous when you think about it. I used to have such a hard time deciding how I felt about this word because there was always such a huge double standard. Growing up I was always under the impression that it was an offensive word no matter what. Then of course I started listening to rap and most rappers use it like the word is going out of style. So I eventually became a little less mad about about the word especially when my black friends would use it. However students in my PWI high school used it, freely, and most didn’t even know why black people get so offended by it. Again this is just me talking but I feel the casual use of it in movies, music, social media etc. causes people of all colors to believe it’s an ok word to use. And to this day I still can’t explain how a good portion of African Americans have no problem using the word until a person of another race uses it. The origin of the word does not change no matter who uses it so why do we(African Americans)have a problem when another race uses the word but don’t get mad at our ourselves for still using it as a casual term?

Now that my little rant is over let’s get back to Sandridge’s sermon. He introduced a new book to us titled The Hungry Mind by Susan Engalls. In it she talks about the “No Child Left Behind” movement. Ok so I honestly didn’t remember the purpose of the movement I just know it’s always mentioned. But some girls in class explained it because it was implemented in their schools. What I got from it is that the purpose is to make sure no student has to repeat a year in the same grade. But what it has become is an easy way for kids to slide through school. Sandridge also explained how Engalls talks about “teaching to the test”.There’s always some time of big test at the end of a semester whether the teacher makes it up themselves or it is an AP test. Because of this teachers may end up just teaching students to pass the test rather than teaching about the actual subject. I had AP classes in high school and I can definitely attest to this. One of my teachers constantly used the phrase “ so on the test they’ll ask….” It was only a math class so it didn’t bother me that much but it’s not always the best way to teach a class. Engalls asked a few teachers what they wanted their students to get out of an education. I believe Sandridge said they wanted to help their student’s curiosity or something along those lines. I think this would be good no matter what the subject. I feel students are only allowed to enjoy their curiosity about a topic or subject once they enter college. In high school you’re told what to learn and what classes to take. Also teachers don’t have that much freedom in how they teach because they have to make sure they go over everything the state requires. College professors had the freedom of teaching how they want and actually making their students think. Now granted there are some professors who teach to the test as well but I have had some high school teachers and even middle school teachers who try to make their teaching a real learning experience instead of just book work. Our educational system would be extremely different if all teachers of all levels tried to implement this.

P.S. Dr. Sandridge you’re doing fine!!!!

Monday Oct. 26 6:40–7:48pm, 7:50–9:00pm, 11:37–12:04am

I got really mad tonight because as I was reading book 9 the fire alarm went off. The whole situation was ridiculous because we had to stand outside when it was cold and apparently the culprit was burnt pancakes. I don’t understand how someone can burn pancakes. You don’t even cook them for that long! And this is a PSA if you do NOT know how to cook already, don’t try to learn in a dorm where you can’t open the windows, ridiculousness.

Now going back to the Odyssey in book 8 Alcinous asks Odysseus who he is and where he’s from and a bunch of other questions. I think Odysseus agrees because he is honoring the request of his host. Also I think everyone wanted to know how Odysseus went from a victor over Troy to a man who couldn’t find his way home. When he started talking about his encounter with the cyclops I got a little excited because I saw a cartoon on it when I was little so I knew what was going to happen. Yep I was feeling a little geeky! The rest of book 9 and book 10 just recap what we already know except there’s a new women introduced named Circe. Her deal is that she entice’s Odysseus men to come to her and turns them into pigs by drugging them(random). Odysseus uses Hermes help so it doesn’t work on him and she immediately falls in love with him.

The definition of civilized is to bring (a place or people) to a stage of social, cultural, and moral development considered to be more advanced or to be polite and well mannered. The cyclops and Circe are definitely not civilized according to this definition because 1)the Cyclops traps Odysseus and his men and begins eating them two at a time. I mean how polite is it for your host to trap and eat you, it sounds like a plot from a Criminal Minds episode. 2) Circe’s actions are just really weird to me: why turn the men into pigs???? I would say it’s how she views all men but she falls in love with Odysseus so that reasoning may not be too strong. Either way the people Odysseus has encountered are definitely not civilized.

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