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1. Upload the Data set

from google.colab import filesuploaded = files.upload()
import json
with open('intents.json') as file:intents = json.load(file, strict = False)intents = intents['intents']print("[", end = "")for intent in intents:print("{", end = "")for key, value in intent.items():print("{}: {},".format(key, value))print("\b\b\n},")print("\b\b]")

2. Import Libraries

import tflearnimport randomimport pickleimport numpy as npimport tensorflow as tf

3. Natural Language Processing

import'all')from nltk.stem.snowball import SnowballStemmerstemmer = SnowballStemmer('english')retrain_model = Trueif retrain_model:all_words = [] all_tags = [] intent_patterns = [] intent_tags = [] for intent in intents:for pattern in intent['patterns']:words = nltk.word_tokenize(pattern)all_words.extend(words)intent_patterns.append(words)intent_tags.append(intent['tag'])all_tags.append(intent['tag'])all_words = [stemmer.stem(word.lower()) for word in all_words]all_words = sorted(list(set(all_words)))all_tags = sorted(all_tags)x_train = []y_train = []y_empty = [0 for i in range(len(all_tags))]
for index, intent in enumerate(intent_patterns):bag_of_words = []intent_words = [stemmer.stem(word.lower()) for word in intent]for word in all_words:if word in intent_words:bag_of_words.append(1)else:bag_of_words.append(0)one_hot_encode_y = y_empty[:]one_hot_encode_y[all_tags.index(intent_tags[index])] = 1x_train.append(bag_of_words)y_train.append(one_hot_encode_y)x_train = np.array(x_train)y_train = np.array(y_train)with open('training_data.pickle', 'wb') as f:pickle.dump((all_words, all_tags, x_train, y_train), f)else:with open('training_data.pickle', 'rb') as f:all_words, all_tags, x_train, y_train = pickle.load(f)

4. Deep Learning

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tf.reset_default_graph()neural_net = tflearn.input_data(shape = [None, len(x_train[0])])neural_net = tflearn.fully_connected(neural_net, 8)neural_net = tflearn.fully_connected(neural_net, 8)neural_net = tflearn.fully_connected(neural_net, len(y_train[0]), activation = 'softmax')neural_net = tflearn.regression(neural_net)model = tflearn.DNN(neural_net)if, y_train, n_epoch = 2000, batch_size = 8, show_metric = True)'model.tfl')else:model.load('./model.tfl')

5. Create the Chatbot

def text_to_bag(text, all_words):bag_of_words = [0 for i in range(len(all_words))]text_words = nltk.word_tokenize(text)text_words = [stemmer.stem(word.lower()) for word in text_words]for word in text_words:if word in all_words:bag_of_words[all_words.index(word)] = 1return np.array(bag_of_words)def chat():#Starting messageprint("Enter a message to talk to the bot [type quit to exit].")context_state = Nonedefault_responses = ['Sorry, Im not sure I know what you mean! You could try rephrasing that or saying something else!','You confuse me human. Lets talk about something else.','Im not sure what that means and I dont really care. Lets talk about something else','I dont understand that! Try rephrasing or saying something else.']while True:user_chat = str(input('You: '))if user_chat.lower() == 'quit':breakuser_chat_bag = text_to_bag(user_chat, all_words)response = model.predict([user_chat_bag])[0]response_index = np.argmax(response)response_tag = all_tags[response_index]if response[response_index] > 0.8:for intent in intents:if intent['tag'] == response_tag:if 'context_filter' not in intent or 'context_filter' in intent and intent['context_filter'] == context_state:possible_responses = intent['responses']if 'context_set' in intent:context_state = intent['context_set']else:context_state = Noneprint(random.choice(possible_responses))else:print(random.choice(default_responses))else:print(random.choice(default_responses))

6. Chatting!

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Image for post Passionate about design, languages, and history!

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