Chapter 5 — Assignment 1

The website that I will be writing a critique for is The Knot. The Knot is a wedding website where future brides can go to research various topics to include planning, vendors, invitations, and even just advice. After looking through the website, I have come up with some recommendations on how to improve.

First, the website does a great job planning the pages to catch the eye of the audience. There is a lot of visual appeal to the front page of the website with different headlines to categorize what topics are discussed throughout the site. My recommendation to make this better would be to change the typeface on the front page where it says “Your Personal Wedding Planner.” The current typeface is a serif font that gives the formal feeling. I believe that the typography should be changed to something that is a bit more playful.

The second aspect of the website that I would recommend a change for is the usability. Although the layout of the website proves to be user friendly, I find the “search” feature hard to locate. The three lines in the top left corner provide a menu for the user. Once clicked on you will then look down to see a tab that says “search.” It seems to me that this feature should be displayed on the homepage to help the user better navigate through the website.