In The City of Culture

This summer, I went to a short trip to Jogja with my cousins and my brother. The reason we chose Jogja is because we were pretty much inspired by a movie that recently came out this year, AADC 2. Another reason is that its very cheap. I made the itinerary but we never really followed through with it. My favourite moments of the trip was going to historical landmarks, going to the beach, watching the sunset, and of course trying the local culinary there.

Candi Prambanan, Candi Borobudur and Taman Sari were mandatory sites we just had to visit. It was my first time to Candi Prambanan and Taman Sari, and they were beautiful. Being there made me realize how culturally rich my country is. The stories behind these landmarks are oddly fascinating. For example, Candi Prambanan was a princess’ wish to her prince to build her 1000 temples in one night. I don’t know how these stories came to be. Taman Sari is a king’s summer house where he kept his mistresses. Back then, these things were normal. How times have changed. It’s interesting to see more foreigners than local Indonesian people in these sites. Is it because Indonesian people don’t really value history as much as westerners? If only I knew why.

There was this one day all of us stayed at the beach and watched the sunset. I think that was my favourite day of the entire trip. Part of it was because it had been a long time since I had a beach day. Back when I used to live in Argentina, I lived in a city by the beach and it’s just a peaceful place to be. I can watch the crashing of the waves all day. The waves were very arbitrary, but consistent. The sound is so relaxing that I fell asleep and got sunburned. It was a bright sunny day, no trace of any clouds in the blue sky. We ended the day going up on a hill and watching the sunset. I’ve never seen a more breathtaking masterpiece before. These photographs doesn’t do justice to the beauty of that view in real life.

All in all, I was very satisfied with the trip. I cannot wait to go back to Jogja sometime in the future and visit even more beautiful places.

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