India’s novel tea café industry

Quirky chai cafés in India like Chaayos are now replacing the dominance of Coffee shops like Starbucks, Barista and most notably Café Coffee Day. Established in 2012, Chaayos boasts of close to 40 stores and hopes to expand to 75 outlets by mid-2018.

Owned by Sunshine Teahouse, Chaayos has opened stores in Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh. Bengaluru based Chaipoint and Mumbai based Tea-trails are the local competitors in the market.

Unlike Chaipoint which has 94 stores so far, Chaayos invests in repeat customers. A 24/7 store in Gurugram and 7am stores to serve breakfast are their top-selling retail models.

What brands and retail models will come to dominate India’s chai café industry?

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