We are all facing uncertain times. With school closures and much of the workforce significantly affected by COVID-19, many people are wondering what they can do to help. We have outlined a few ways you can consider giving back to local, national or global efforts that support the most vulnerable populations affected by the pandemic.

Our team wants to do our part and are proud to announce that Fire Capital has decided to make donations to Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, Global Giving and The San Francisco Foundation from our Impact Fund.

Food Banks

Food banks are facing an increased demand as…

We at Fire Capital are passionate about how capital can be directed toward social good. From the beginning, we want to embed how we are making a difference in the world within our business, from what we do as a firm to how we are helping our clients and our community. We are inspired by the collective action of dedicated socially responsible companies who are stepping up to the plate to make a difference and we hope to be a part of that ripple effect as well.

We’re excited to share how we hope to make Fire Capital a truly…

Alyssa Farrelly

Director of Operations & Social Impact @ Fire Capital Management

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