WSJ Guide to Info Graphics, Chapter One

Dona Wong, the writer of The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics, used a pie chart to dedicate half of the book to her “better half” and two quarters of the book to her parents and Joyce & Michael.

It certainly sets the tone for the publication, which equally explores what information graphics really are (a form of storytelling), their purpose (to simplify and provide thoughtful interpretation), and how to create info graphics which fulfill that purpose.

Chapter One: The Basics

Wong spends most of the first chapter outlining the main points there are to know about creating information graphics, including:

  • How to find data, boil down the data into a key message, select the proper chart, and review your findings and interpretation of said data
  • How to present numbers for different purposes (use decimal places for accuracy and whole numbers for easy comparison)
  • How to frame the frame the message of your chart (through a reference point)
  • How to put numbers in context
  • How to use type and make type legible in charts
  • How to strategically use color in charts
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