a poem about the most potent drug: love.

Photo by Alina Sofia on Unsplash

a blissful breath is binding a sudden spark, i’m lit a surging rush, a forceful flood ignite, engulf, forfeit exciting inexperience of heightened heavy highs each itch in vivid color souring senses, blinded eyes a clear, unfocused view will burn through blurring fog; i’m hazed a maddening security comes crashing, craving, crazed disoriented down to depths where demons do decide but dangerous is longing though you can’t get off the ride pain is lost in pleasure both obstructed, i’m obsessed a deadly drink of poison left me powerless, possessed consumed too much, too fast, too soon intentions are impaired withdrawal…

Alyssa Mae

writer & poet determined to put meaning back in words, learn all the secrets of life & make it all a little more beautiful.

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