Midnight Rantings

This ad came up on my Facebook feed just now and I thought, oh dear Lord no.

Every day there are new sponsored ads for “How to e-counsel yourself out of social anxiety” and all sorts of self help things that I don’t totally cringe at because in a way, I can see how that might be able to at least access some people who are trapped.

But this!!

no No NO!

Society now makes it EXTREMELY easy to “fit in”. To be something, easily, without thought, that might not be yourself. But look how simple! You don’t have to put any time, effort or thought into it! It’s right there for you laid out for you, picked out for you, arrives to you in a box so that in your very busy schedule you don’t need to make time to find these cool things. All you need is money to get it. Simple, right?

NO! This drives me crazy. Phrases like this irk me!

You don’t have to put any time it into! Any thought into it! Any effort into it!

WHAT! What part about that sounds good. I mean, I get it, we live busy lives, but once we stop, putting time, thought and effort into things like this, things that become a physical manifestation of who we are, then we loose everything. That’s what makes life rich, are the things we get to put our time, thought, effort, and LOVE into. I want so badly to reach the people who may buy into this operation and shake them and say, maybe you should make time to find things you love instead of having them picked and mailed to you! Maybe you are putting your time and efforts into things that, may be making you successful, but aren’t letting your spirit fly! Unless you have a stylist who knows your touch to a T and you’ve told them all about it, then I could see this working. But this is just another way the world is trying to, possibly without meaning to, take away our freedom, even if on what may seem like the smallest level. By saying we should allocating our energies elsewhere besides things that make us unique. I am sure that isn’t the evil plan behind this company, but it’s the general context that goes with this construct we have all been raised to think and bought into.

Sure, as much as it seems like a cool idea in concept, the thought of getting in the mail a boxed package of “what’s cool and on trend” for you to wear and be, is so unbelieveable to me. Society is making it so simple. Do not give into the easyness of it all! Fight the good fight to be yourself, which really includes no fighting at all — just effort, time and thought. Real thought! Not thought about what you need to do next to complete a task at work. Not efforts about where you need to be this weekend. Just plain old, I exist right now and am thinking about myself thoughts. Just be yourself, and don’t give into this marketing to fit us women into boxes.

The only boxes I like are the ones that I can pretend are spaceships that fly me to the moon.

Who wants to come with?

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