Monday Morning Things

What if I told you I had a new perspective, a new way to look at your problems?

What if I told you that you are, first and foremost, a spirit.

And that the world that you iterfaced with appeared to be so based on that spirit. And how well it knows itself. And acknowledges it’s strengths and weaknesses, and realizes it’s a spirit. With values and truths that guide it which, potentially, are connected to the entire universe.

And what if I also told you that once you figured this out and connected to it, it would be the main thing that affected and created your world? So things on the outside of your spirit seem different, because they are different. You know they’re not directly apart of it — you are apart of the perspective in which you see those things. And then you can start to process them from this mode of “everything you see is based on your values, truths, motives and experiences”, you can move past barriers that have been holding you back, and be free.

Which is, albeit, a hard thing to do. Sounds crazy, right? Good, then you’re listening.

But really think about it for a second. When did things happen for you in your life that were synchronous with how you were feeling at those moments? Can you recall a time when you called in something you needed form the world and thought, by gosh what a coincidence?

I’m happy to report that, in my opinion, these are certainly not coincidences. They were when your mind, body and spirit were aligned in realizing a truth. Something that you really needed in order to grow as a person and fulfil a full life on this earth — whatever that means to you.

Sceptics might say “Oh, well then I wish for a million dollars”, and then when that doesn’t happen, “Oh, well see, your manifestation ideas aren’t real”. To which I would respond, yes my manifestation ideas are very real, but yours aren’t, because your wishes for money aren’t aligned with your inner truth.

Would more money be awesome? Yes of course. We live in a context of society where money rules and capitalism is king, but it doesn’t mean that ANY of it makes sense or is remotely a truth. It’s just a construct that our system is built upon. So when you wish for money and the intention is only made just to have more money, of course it’s not going to come. If you wish for money because you want to buy a plane ticket to Nepal to help build an orphanage, then there is a much better chance it will come to you, as that aligns with your particular truth of how you feel about helping the world.

Crazy, I know.

But, Edison was crazy to think we could power things with electricity. Copernicus was crazy to think that the Sun was the center of the Universe, not the Earth. It’s about time we all started realizing the power and the magic that we, as human spirits are. As opposed to the lack of power that our world we live in makes us think we have. Let’s take it back. Person, by person, by person.

We are this crazy thing in the universe. A physical body, connected by breathe, which we breathe without even thinking about it, with a mind to help us process and a heart to power the whole thing. What if there are an infinite amount of other things we could be doing subconciously without even thinking that power us? And then I posit a change of “what if” in that phrasing to “are. There are an infinite amount of things to be and do and most of things we don’t even entirely understand. But, perhaps we are not meant to entirely understand. It’s that whole concept of believing and having faith. I have faith and believe that I can, literally, be and do anything I want to as long as it’s aligned to who I am inside. Figuring that out and having the bravery to work through painful things is the only thing that is standing between you, and the world you know you can create.

So, what’s stopping you?

  1. Judgement : Of yourself and of others.

We see ourselves, others, and the world through this prospective lens that is based on our feelings and experiences, which to us are 100% valid. If we drop judgement of others and realize that everyone is coming from somewhere different. Even their best friends. And we need to be gentle with ourselves and everyone around us and realize if they are doing something, or being something, it’s most likely because they truly believe it is in their best interest to do so. And that thing they do may be fucked up to you and make no sense, but to them, it made complete sense, or they wouldn’t have done it. That’s why instead of judging we need to have open communication to understand where people are coming from and never be afraid to speak our minds, even when it’s hard to do so.

Judgement of yourself is one of the main things that befalls everyone. We are raised in a society that tells us constantly how we can “improve upon ourselves”, “be more successful”, etc — but only in the context of what they think is true and valued. DROP YOUR BELIEF OF THIS BULLSHIT RIGHT NOW. You are amazing. Seriously. You’re fucking reading this right now, which means you have an open mind, and thus are amazing. The world needs more of people like you just being you. Dropping the believe of what society has made us feel about who we need to be, or what defines success, or what we should look like doesn’t mean we need to rebel against the world. It just means that you, as an individual, do not let that be the lens that rules your life anymore.

You are not your car. You are not your paper dollars. You are not your belongings. These are physical manifestations of things you accumulated that you think reflect yourself. But they are not yourself. And sometimes, they aren’t even a good reflection of yourself because you don’t even know who your self is. You might think you know, and maybe you do know (I hope you do!) but chances are, there is a huge part of your “self” that you are being because of something someone told you was of value. Really try and look deeper and see if it is actually reflecting a value you hold of yourself.

Wipe away the glass and see what you really want the controlling factor to be. And if the answer isn’t something that’s inside of yourself, dig deeper and break some walls because I promise you it’s there if you really try/want to feel it. Once you stop judging yourself in the way society wants you to, you’ll find it’s powerless because your magic is stronger.

Magic is real, kids. Surprise! It comes in all forms. The main of which is called love. And once you love yourself and stop judging and focusing on the things you hate and instead, embrace the things you love, shit will change reveal quick, as the Universe will respond to that spirit, that energy and support you to no ends. This shift from hate to love also means acknowledging the things in your life and your persona that may not be “ideal” to you at this moment, and realizing they are apart of you, like yin and yang, and somewhere to them there is a purpose if you want to break it down and find it. I highly suggest you do.

And once we stop judging other people for what they do, we can connect with the parts of them that are similar, and are us, and realizing they are just another soul going through the same struggles we are, and they’re manifesting in a different way for them then they are for us.

2. Fear: Subconciously of realizing your full potential, and conciously of breaking the norms to be able to feel these things on the surface.

Being afraid of something sucks so hard. SO HARD. And not in the good kind of way. But, that’s still okay. We need to be afraid of things. It’s the bodies way of telling us OH MY GOSH HOLY SHIT THIS THING IS GOING TO CHANGE US AND I’M UNCERTAIN ABOUT IT WHAT DO I DO? I CAN’T UNDERSTAND IT SO I’M GOING TO RUN AWAY BECAUSE OH MY GOSH I FEEL BETTER NOT EVEN DEALING WITH IT, GLAD THAT’S OVER.

Yay, caps.

Does this sound like a dialouge that happens for you? If so, I hope this article gives you even just the smallest or largest iota of courage to realize that doing the above dialouge does not mean that it’s over. You are doing a disservice to yourself! Get uncomfortable! Get into situations where you literally have no control over what’s happening and it’s frightening as shit — whether that means delving into an emotion or feeling that is painful to think about but you need to get to the bottom of, or maybe it means going to a kink club and pushing your boundaries of things you felt limited to before. Either way, EMBRACE IT. When you’re in the moments of fear, those are some of the few moments where you may actually be in the moment. And not in a future moment of worry. Or a past moment of reflection. You’re just in that moment feeling that fear, and once you acknowledge that you feel that fear, you can recognize that it’s just a feeling. It’s just a tool. Address the issues now and let it go. Everything is a construct of your mind’s perspective, and your mind’s perspective is tailored based on your experiences, your spirit and your truths, which can change at any given moment depending on how deep you want to go.

Realize all this, realize your power, your magic, and take over your world.

Piece, by piece, by mother fucking piece.

Ya dig? Good. Now go to one thing today that makes you feel uncomfortable, and feel the love it brings.

Until next time xo

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