So, It’s been a while.

Sorry about that. Life has been happening.

I think right now, I am feeling release and acceptance at the same time.

And this came as the result of the catalyst of being super productive with work once I returned home to my house + some awesome music perfect to what I needed to feel + some amazing wine. plus some amazing wine…. amazing wine…

I’m looking at pictures from my life. And people I know life is moving me away from. Not away from in a bad way, but away from in terms of life path.

And I know now, that that is okay.

We will always share something special, and right now I need to listen to my heart and follow some crazy things. Some confusing things. Some not always clear things. But still things.

Very profound, unknown things.

And I know it’s been a while. But, it’s been a while.

Oh, it’s been a while.

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