Sprint #3 — Usability Testing

What did you do, in words, pictures, and video? Aim for around 100 words (i.e., some substance but not too much), and at least 2 pictures (this is always good). Also please include a link to your final submission.

Evaluating a water bottle in order to gain understanding of what is necessary in an actual usability test.

For our usability test we used a GE Profile microwave. We tested users on three tasks: setting the clock, cook time and starting the microwave, and setting back the plate onto its correct track. In order to evaluate the success and usability of the product we also came up with three different data points: time it took to complete each task, the difficulty rating based on the user’s opinion (scale of 1–5 ), and if the task was completed or not. After we brainstormed those we chose our three participants and asked them to perform said tasks and questioned them after, and created a video summary of our experiment: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3SUs3oMPvp5YUhNd1phenJ1X28/view

Discussing our planned test with another group.

Reflect a bit on your experience. What questions did it raise (questions that you might want to explore in the future) and/or what problems did you encounter (i.e., problems that you can learn from, address differently in the future)? Aim for around 50 words-100 words.

I think that this test made me realize that usability tests closely resemble psychology experiments. I found this due to comparing this test to a past experiment there needed to high standards for controlled variables so that everything can be standardized, and circumstances can be the same. I think because we did not anticipate how closely they were related we weren’t as strict with setting when to start and stop the clock. This is something that I would change in a future experiment if we were to do it again.

What did you like about this project, and why? Aim for around 50–100 words.

What I liked about this project was working in a group environment. I think that collaboration is always something that can broaden the scope and the depth of a project. This is because each person can bring a different background and perspective to the situation. I was also interesting to breakdown how someone interprets something as simple as a microwave interface with the initial reaction before they become accustomed to see if it really is efficient or user friendly.