Chapter two thoughts:

I thought this chapter was valuable in the ways that it showed the different variables of different charts. What I found particularly interesting about this chapter was the part about the pie charts. The author said that bar charts are more effective than pie charts. Prior to reading this chapter and starting this class, i’ve always been encouraged to make pie charts. It’s never been said to me before that pie charts were not exactly the best way to get data across. I do agree with the author about grid charts though. Personally, I don’t like grid charts. I find them uninteresting and sometimes difficult to read. Visual charts, such as bar graphs, are more effective and easier for me to read.

Questions from data set:

How many females were in each class? How many men were in each class?

For my next data, I calculated how many passengers were on the ship based on age group. My data chart shows that the most passengers were between 20–30 years old, and the least amount of passengers were 70–80 years old.

This graph represents the same data as above but visualized as a bar graph chart.

Thoughts for a beat:

I think I would like to focus my beat on environmental health/sustainability. I still have to develop and narrow in what I exactly want to do more/what data is available but I’m pretty sure I’d like to do something along those lines.

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