Thoughts on Wong Chapter 1:

I don’t have much experience with data visualization at all. While I understand that graphics are a great way of getting points across in ways that are sometimes stronger than words, I’ve never really known how to make effective charts. I found this first chapter interesting. There was a lot of obvious things written in this chapter that I just have not previously thought about. For example, I thought the typography part of the chapter was interesting. While it makes sense that you shouldn’t turn the type in graphs and choose either bold OR italic when emphasizing, I just never really thought about how much typography really matters. Overall, it was a pretty interesting chapter and I’m interested in learning more about making strong graphs.

Data set homework:

I work as a dog walker, so for my data set I counted the amount of dogs I saw when I walked past the Washington Square dog run over the weekend. All three days were taken at about the same time, around noon. I counted 12 dogs on Friday, 21 dogs on Saturday, and 9 dogs on Sunday. Here are my data charts:

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