NYU Local’s Guide to Greek Life: Alpha Epsilon Phi

AEPhi is the second oldest sorority on campus and one of the oldest chapters nationally. AEPhi has around 170 members currently and is a very well-known sorority on campus.

Get to know NYU’s AEPhi:

Founded Nationally: AEPhi was founded by seven women at Barnard College on October 24, 1909.

This Chapter: AEPhi’s Zeta chapter was founded here at NYU on April 10, 1917.

Philanthropy: The women of AEPhi work endlessly to raise money for Sharsheret, an organization that works with Jewish women suffering from breast cancer, and the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. During the school year, these sisters host many events that work to benefit the great causes behind these organizations.

Motto: Many Hearts, One Purpose

Symbol: Giraffe

Colors: Green and White

Why you should rush: When I asked current vice president of operations, Ally Abramowitz, what her favorite memory of AEPhi is, she discussed how she joined AEPhi at her pervious university and then transferred to NYU the next year. Chapters at different schools are very different, even though it is the same sorority, so naturally she was a little nervous about the switch of universities and chapters. Ally describes being welcomed into the NYU chapter with open arms, which really helped her to assimilate with the general population at NYU. AEPhi made her feel as though she truly had a home as soon as she got here.

Why you shouldn’t rush: AEPhi makes you pay for a lot of events outside of dues and is a very serious sorority.

Biggest Event: AEPhi’s biggest events vary every year, but two of their largest ones are Sharsheret Speaker Series and YogaPHIed. The speaker series is an event hosted by Sharsheret, which discusses breast cancer prevention and support for both men and women. YogaPHIed is an event that helps NYU’s AEPhi raise money for their charities. It takes place in November and is usually less than $10 for a yoga class run by one of the sisters of the organization. You get to go to a yoga class and help out a good cause, what more could you want?