NYU Local’s Guide to Greek Life: Delta Gamma

DG is NYU’s newest sorority, which was chartered earlier this year. Although they are new, they have a promising future in Greek life among the other sororities and fraternities.

All Things DG:

Founded Nationally: Founded in 1873 in Oxford, Mississippi at the Lewis School for Girls

This Chapter: Founded in April, 2016 as the 373rd chapter of Delta Gamma.

Philanthropy: Their philanthropy efforts benefit the Delta Gamma Foundation and support a number of programs, including Service for Sight. Delta Gammas everywhere volunteer with over 150 sight-related organizations, and Eta Phi is working to establish such partnerships here in New York City and to provide support to the vision-impaired in any possible way. Last spring, NYU’s chapter joined forces with the NYC Alumnae Chapter of Delta Gamma for the NYC Vision Walk, sponsored by the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and are already forming a team for the upcoming year’s walk.

Motto: “Do Good”

Symbol: Anchor, which symbolizes hope.

Colors: Bronze, Pink, and Blue

Biggest Event: DG’s largest event on campus will be Anchor Splash, which will be hosted in the spring. Since this chapter is so new, they are still in the early stages of planning the event, but it will include events like swimming races, synchronized swimming, diving contests and an “Anchor Man” competition. Sounds like a good opportunity to see members of Greek life flopping around in the pool at Palladium for a good cause.

Why you should rush: President of NYU’s Delta Gamma chapter, Grace Halvorson, describes all of Greek life as a community that is tight-knit, but not exclusive and states that DG mirrors this same type of community. Studying abroad made Grace realize that NYU is a very lonely place because of the city atmosphere, so she decided to go out for recruitment and joined Delta Gamma. Even though this chapter is very new, she quickly gained a support system that she can’t imagine living without now.

Why you shouldn’t rush: DG is a very new chapter and like any new type of organization, there are kinks that still need to be worked out. If you are looking to put in some work and make something that is your own, this is the sorority for you! However, if you’re looking for something structured that already has deep roots at NYU, you might want to consider looking elsewhere.