Intersectionality Theory

Intersectionality theory is an awareness between groups of people of why we are different and how we are made aware of the differences between us. Let use the movie White Chicks as an example. White chicks is about these two African American guys who have two pose as two white sisters so their boss won’t find out that they accidently got in a car wreck and that the sisters got injured. So, they have to pose as a white girl off of what the stereotypical white girl is. For example, they wear short skirts and talk like a valley girl, I have seen not only in this movie but in real life that some people actually view white girls that way. There were many stereotypes in this movie some which were not totally appropriate but it did show the differences between two different groups of people. Like in a vine I watched the other day this African American guy was running and said “I’m running in the dark in a white neighborhood I’m gonna steal all your stuff” based off the stereotype that African Americans like to steal. I have seen many white people in the news steal stuff to but for some reason the media always seems to focus on the African Americans. Vine White Chicks Trailer

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