LOL — so it’s supposed to be okay that App State pilfered the slogan and tradition from UT a few…
Celina Summers

Your point, while valid, is misguided. I won’t speak for what the individual player posting the photo of their shirt was intending to convey but I can tell you that the vast majority of Mountaineers attribute no connection to UT when they use this phrase. Should it have been appropriated from your school in the first place? Probably not. But this motto has a life of its own for the students and alumni who call Appalachian home, so to say it’s used as a jab at UT is misguided at best and insulting at worst. UT and App have a great relationship because the schools share many of the same values. Why does sharing values make us insulting to you? We respect your traditions in that we believe they can mean something for us as well. And while Tennessee as a state may have a history of volunteerism, I would challenge you to come spend a day on Appalachian’s campus and say you don’t find the same amongst our community. We don’t say we give our all for North Carolina. We give our all for Appalachian. And for what it’s worth, you say no one will ever overlook the Mountaineers again and yet I’d argue you’re doing just that in this very article, pretending upset over a slogan is all it takes to win. A player posted a photo of a slogan that has meaning to our campus and yet you find it appropriate to bash our community and team as a result. Who’s the more disrespectful one here?

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