IA3: Up Close and Personal

Professional artists are highly respected today because of their skills, talents and imagination that they exert in a specific object. Knowing that they produce good art around us, I am very curious on how they achieved their status today.

We interviewed some professional artists and asked about their background in the artistic world. They all have the same answer when it comes to their motivation and inspiration in doing their works, which is the people or the society. We all know that their passion in art is infinite, and the reason their doing it is to deliver a message and inspire many people.

Those three artists that caught my attention because of their great work are; Jilson Tiu- a photographer from Philippine Daily Inquirer, Haidee Lopez- a freelance graphic designer, and Evan Aguiling- a designer/sculptor. Each one of them has different fields and different perspectives in art, and in that case I can say that they have their own contribution to the society.

The first artist that I’ve mentioned is Jilson Tiu. He is a photographer. His photos are usually focused on real life events in our society, which helps us to be aware of the things surrounding us. Just like the photos below, he captures candid moments of our very own Filipino people.

Working at one of the most prestigious news company, he contributed a lot to the Philippine society by producing photos that serves as an eye opener to the people from all the happenings. Many will benefit from his photos by delivering daily news to the public that may inspire or change someone’s perspective in life.

The next artist is Haidee Lopez, a graphic designer. She creates print ads to showcase her client’s business to attract people’s attention to that specific brand. On the other hand, Evan Aguiling, a sculptor/designer, he sculpts objects to create different kinds of decorations for his clients that indulge art into their life. They somehow have similar contributions to the society, and that is they both satisfy the needs of their clients. May it be marketing a brand or just having decorated objects to spice up your home, they’re both very passionate with their work.

Just by knowing this information about some local artists, I admire their hard work and passion for art. They really are artistic by giving indirect or hidden messages in every art that they produce. I mean it’s not the actual or direct meaning that they want for the other people to digest, but they think of the unusual way to present and showcase it to the crowd, and that inspires me.

Learning and seeing it from them, I also want to apply their perspective when it comes to making a dull object into a beautiful masterpiece. I want to achieve their skills in producing good work in every aspect, from making ordinary an extraordinary to creating wonderful pieces of whimsical art objects.

I think that by following their footsteps, qualities and skills I am able to achieve the work that I want to pursue in the future, and that is by giving all my effort and capabilities to have a good performance at work. May it be in a small or big position in a hotel company or fashion industry, I should give my best and think outside the box at all times.

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