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Do you agree with these lessons?

You could say I stumbled into my marketing career.

My path looked something like this:

  • I got a degree in magazine journalism and briefly worked in that field. Less than a year later, the magazine was acquired by another company and my position was eliminated.
  • I landed in the editorial department of New York City tourism. Still not technically marketing, but I was creating content to “ sell” New York City to tourists.
  • I moved to Boston and got a job on the content team at a public relations agency. I spent a lot of time working with founders, developers and heads of engineering departments at B2B tech companies. …

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… no matter what you’re selling

A couple of years ago, my husband and I started a kitchen renovation. For three months, a sign stood on our lawn with the company’s name and contact information. Earlier this year, we needed our roof replaced. The new company and new roof came with a new sign at the end of the driveway.

I didn’t think twice about those signs. After all, they were small and out of the way.

Then, this weekend we were out on a walk and passed a home on our street with beautiful new landscaping. We’d been thinking about doing some work on our backyard and the person we planned to work with was taking a while to get back to us with a quote. …

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Here’s what I learned and who had the best ones

I majored in journalism and I work in content marketing. Let’s just say my curiosity can lead me down some interesting rabbit holes.

Also relevant: my colleagues and I in the marketing department are used to receiving email pitches for everything from sales enablement platforms to translation services. And because we work in marketing, a few things are true:

  1. The average ones get forgotten (and ultimately deleted)
  2. The really bad ones get deleted a little quicker
  3. The good ones might get a response if the product is especially relevant
  4. The great ones typically get replied to or shared with the team as an awesome example of email marketing — even if the product isn’t the best fit at the…


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