Rumor that ended my respect for humanity

So today after I came home from work, I was pissed off as it was already just because of Devin Bravo. Some where along the lines my dad got word from prison that I was trying to get back with my ex “Devon Cody Corbus”……WRONG!!!!!!! I have no idea who started this rumor but I wanted to know who… Let me tell you about Devon Corbus…. He was a no good for nothing, worthless piece of shit…. We had dated for about 8 months before I found out he was sleeping with my MOM!!!! I was never heart broken over him cause well I had only stayed with him 4 months extra because his mom had passed away…. He was a pretty cool guy when I first met him but when I had moved in with him Everything changed. I found out what kind of person He really was and lets just say he was no longer attractive to me…. out of ALL the drugs he could have chose to get hooked to he chose to get hooked to meth and I was not okay with this… It disgusted me.. I could no longer kiss him or for that fact… Have sex with him…so as far as that was concerned I hated Devon Corbus and my dad was crazy for thinking that I would ever go back to that guy… My heart belongs to Devin Bravo and him only…

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