My quest to be happy 100 days in a row

We’ve all seen the challenges on Instagram for the different months. Each of us has that friend who obnoxiously takes it up just to abandon it in two or three days when it’s clear that no one cares that Day 1 is supposed to be a photo of something cold. So I was surprised a little over 100 days ago when I decided to embark on my own Instagram challenge.

I decided to start the 100 Happy Days Challenge, which asks people to post one photo every day for 100 days of something that made them happy. The goal is to reflect on your days and think of at least one thing that made you happy. Hopefully, in sharing your happiness, you’ll brighten someone else’s day as well. Plus, at the end you can purchase a book of your 100 images.

So I began, fully expecting that I wouldn’t last very long. When I first started it was easy. I would think about my day beforehand and the big events that were happening and would remind myself to take pictures. Other days it was more of a struggle.

“My favorite little fluff ball #100HappyDays #Day6”

Some days (more days than I would like to admit) I would post a picture of my beloved dog, Goliath, because he always makes me happy. Some may count this as cheating, but I believe it’s thinking strategically and consistently reminding myself that I am thankful for my loved ones, including my fur baby.

“Save the dates are in! #100Happy Days #HappilyEverPressler”

The 100 Happy Days project allowed me to document some of my wedding planning and the excitement of something as little as getting my Save the Dates in. Had I not been doing the challenge, I may have never thought to take a picture of something as mundane as an invitation or a bunch of dresses, but now I’ll have these memories forever.

“I may have said yes to too many dresses today #100HappyDays”

Essentially, the challenge allowed me to document 100 days of my insane life. Whether it was being goofy with friends or a snapshot of my crazy first week back at school, my 100 Happy Days posts allow anyone a snapshot into my life for a short time. Whether it’s self-centered of me to think that anyone wanted that snapshot in the first place is a different story.

“One last pic from last night because I was a real gem #100HappyDays”

Some days with the challenge were tough, and I would be lying if I didn’t say that I had missed a day or two (I did 100 posts in 102 days, technically). Some days it just felt like my life was falling apart and I couldn’t think of one good thing to post. These days I would scroll through my other posts and remind myself of how lucky and blessed I am to be drowning in work or laughing with loved ones.

“Somehow I made it through this week and I’m still standing, and for that I am definitely happy #100HappyDays @passionplanner”

Overall the challenge was eye-opening, fun and more often than not a hassle of last minute posts. Now that I’ve finished being happy for 100 days I have to admit that I miss it.